Seniors Real Estate Specialists

The PEMCO Realty Seniors Real Estate Specialists are sensitive and responsive to the needs of seniors and their families.

We are committed to assisting homeowners 50+ years of age who:

1. are no longer able to live in their home due to a change in health
2. have a need for a more convenient lifestyle
3. want to move into one of the many beautiful, comfortable, convenient senior living communities
4. want to maximize the market value of their home
5. need coordination of repairs, staging and maintenance services

With every listing, our Seniors Real Estate Specialists provide:

1. First and foremost, a listening ear and understanding of client needs
2. A full property consultation including a value/pricing analysis
3. A marketing strategy
4. A tailored listing and selling process
5. A liquidation strategy for probate related property
6. A network of senior service providers
7. Support and advice to make moving easy

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